• Install MasterDISK as your new virtual harddisk in Windows
  • Access your data anywhere in the world where you have Internet connection
  • Share your data with the others securely via encrypted SSL channel
  • Set rights and access to folders for users and groups
  • Watch file versions including usercomments
  • Forget about data backup MasterDISK will back up everything for you
  • Try and test the demo project:
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Use of MasterDISK

MasterDISK in Business

MasterDISK is made for easy use in companies of any size. Like many other business processes, MasterDISK is built for precise work with files. All files are encrypted with SSL protocol, providing high security. The ways of using MasterDISK in companies:

  • sharing huge data files (eg. multimedia)
  • sharing not only inside the company, but also with the customers and suppliers
  • history of the file content with the possibility to return to the previous version; writing comments to every version

For non-profit ornagizations

In NGOs, MasterDISK can be used for a practical and safe (encrypted) data sharing with volunteers all over the world.

Use in a family

In a family, MasterDISK can be well used as a central storage of photograpgs or videos from holidays, movies, mp3 files or other common documents. A family having MasterDISK in the houshold doesn't need to solve the backup and worry about the safety of their unique data. Great advantage is also the possibility to show eg. photographs when visiting relatives wherever in the world.

Schools and universities

You can very comfortably supply data storage of school documents (lists, tables, presentations etc.) using MasterDISK. It will as well serve as an ideal tool for developing documents (version history tracks who and when has changed a file). Students don't have to bring data on flash-disks nor send it via e-mails. This might be appreciated especially when it comes to large files.

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